December 25

Elves of the Moon

The Darkmoon Elves – Durithil:

  • matriarchy
  • worship the moon
  • live in a society of clans under the earth of an island called Fela Zyron, only a few are left on the continent housing mostly under the earth of Minos
  • special ability to see in the dark, but sensitive eyes on the surface if not used to

The Starfall Elves – Gilanthir:

  • worship the moon and ice
  • highly developed but kind of isolated society of mage families living in a huge city on a flying island called Gilanthir – Falling Star
  • most rare and therefore most mystical elf race on Delarthes
  • legend says the island was once a meteor hitting Delarthes and the Starfall elves are actually coming from a completely different world

The Wildblood Elves – Druiniar

  • worship the moon and honor death
  • live hunting in tribes, sleeping tents in a dark forest called Rha Vain
  • may come from every other elf race and can join if proven worthy
  • if they killed an animal they will use up every part of it, so nothing gets wasted
December 25

Elves of the Sun

The Highsun Elves – Arodanor:

  • worship the sun
  • aristocracy living in palaces and castles among a land of rolling hills called Arth Carvas
  • old and proud elf nation that sees itself as the first and maybe even superior

The Lightwood Elves – Aduialeryn:

  • worship the sun and honor rebirth
  • live at different courts in a huge forest called Tawar Iasbelin – Forest of Autumn
  • most of them never leave the forest in their life
  • time seems to have been stoped / slowed down there because in the very center of the forest it is always fall

The Sandstorm Elves – Lithalagos:

  • patriarchy
  • worship the sun and flames
  • live in caravans traveling from city to city in a dry land called Aman Lith
  • all elven children born with fire magic are send there to learn how to control their powers
December 10

Delarthes 2019 – Map Overhaul

I am back!

As you may know, I have been working on this world since I was 12 years old. It’s the world I created for my first Ocs Nelouche and Ann’athiel to write down their story. In 2015 I drew the first version of a map and was super proud of it. Unfortunately after some time and with the pressure of school hitting in the urge to create kinda left me, but I never forgot about Delarthes. It was always in my mind, calming me nicely when I needed to be somewhere else, this year more to an ever. So here’s the new map and I hope you like it.