December 25

Elves of the Moon

The Darkmoon Elves – Durithil:

  • matriarchy
  • worship the moon
  • live in a society of clans under the earth of an island called Fela Zyron, only a few are left on the continent housing mostly under the earth of Minos
  • special ability to see in the dark, but sensitive eyes on the surface if not used to

The Starfall Elves – Gilanthir:

  • worship the moon and ice
  • highly developed but kind of isolated society of mage families living in a huge city on a flying island called Gilanthir – Falling Star
  • most rare and therefore most mystical elf race on Delarthes
  • legend says the island was once a meteor hitting Delarthes and the Starfall elves are actually coming from a completely different world

The Wildblood Elves – Druiniar

  • worship the moon and honor death
  • live hunting in tribes, sleeping tents in a dark forest called Rha Vain
  • may come from every other elf race and can join if proven worthy
  • if they killed an animal they will use up every part of it, so nothing gets wasted

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