February 2

Humans of Delarthes

The Kingdom of Delarien:

  • people there worship the Nine New Gods
  • capitalistic society of great traders and maritime power
  • legend says the land was formed by and therefore named after the big hero Delarthes, who was lover to Elyvria the Mother of Light

The Jarldoms of Fjorven:

  • worship the Three Old Gods
  • very spiritual and mystical culture, rich of myths about courageous heroes and heroines
  • great farmers and fishers

The Mage Empire of Minos:

  • worships the Snake of Times, which controls the four seasons of the year
  • your status in society is based on the wisdom and the magical powers of your family
  • is the only state that allows and even rewards slavery and blood magic

    The Empire of Neisha:

    • worship spirits and their holy emperor
    • value honour, courage, beauty, grace and prowess
    • warriors constantly measure each other in war and duels
    • citizens live in castes of royality, nobility, warriors, peasants and traders

    The Kingdom of Baran:

  • isolationist and technological advanced society
  • not much is know about the people of Baran, but legend says they are a time traveling nation
  • commercial goods from Baran are rarities and therefore seen as very precious

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