December 25

Elves of the Sun

The Highsun Elves – Arodanor:

  • worship the sun
  • aristocracy living in palaces and castles among a land of rolling hills called Arth Carvas
  • old and proud elf nation that sees itself as the first and maybe even superior

The Lightwood Elves – Aduialeryn:

  • worship the sun and honor rebirth
  • live at different courts in a huge forest called Tawar Iasbelin – Forest of Autumn
  • most of them never leave the forest in their life
  • time seems to have been stoped / slowed down there because in the very center of the forest it is always fall

The Sandstorm Elves – Lithalagos:

  • patriarchy
  • worship the sun and flames
  • live in caravans traveling from city to city in a dry land called Aman Lith
  • all elven children born with fire magic are send there to learn how to control their powers

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