February 2

Humans of Delarthes

The Kingdom of Delarien:

  • people there worship the Nine New Gods
  • capitalistic society of great traders and maritime power
  • legend says the land was formed by and therefore named after the big hero Delarthes, who was lover to Elyvria the Mother of Light

The Jarldoms of Fjorven:

  • worship the Three Old Gods
  • very spiritual and mystical culture, rich of myths about courageous heroes and heroines
  • great farmers and fishers

The Mage Empire of Minos:

  • worships the Snake of Times, which controls the four seasons of the year
  • your status in society is based on the wisdom and the magical powers of your family
  • is the only state that allows and even rewards slavery and blood magic

    The Empire of Neisha:

    • worship spirits and their holy emperor
    • value honour, courage, beauty, grace and prowess
    • warriors constantly measure each other in war and duels
    • citizens live in castes of royality, nobility, warriors, peasants and traders

    The Kingdom of Baran:

  • isolationist and technological advanced society
  • not much is know about the people of Baran, but legend says they are a time traveling nation
  • commercial goods from Baran are rarities and therefore seen as very precious
    December 25

    Elves of the Moon

    The Darkmoon Elves – Durithil:

    • matriarchy
    • worship the moon
    • live in a society of clans under the earth of an island called Fela Zyron, only a few are left on the continent housing mostly under the earth of Minos
    • special ability to see in the dark, but sensitive eyes on the surface if not used to

    The Starfall Elves – Gilanthir:

    • worship the moon and ice
    • highly developed but kind of isolated society of mage families living in a huge city on a flying island called Gilanthir – Falling Star
    • most rare and therefore most mystical elf race on Delarthes
    • legend says the island was once a meteor hitting Delarthes and the Starfall elves are actually coming from a completely different world

    The Wildblood Elves – Druiniar

    • worship the moon and honor death
    • live hunting in tribes, sleeping tents in a dark forest called Rha Vain
    • may come from every other elf race and can join if proven worthy
    • if they killed an animal they will use up every part of it, so nothing gets wasted
    December 25

    Elves of the Sun

    The Highsun Elves – Arodanor:

    • worship the sun
    • aristocracy living in palaces and castles among a land of rolling hills called Arth Carvas
    • old and proud elf nation that sees itself as the first and maybe even superior

    The Lightwood Elves – Aduialeryn:

    • worship the sun and honor rebirth
    • live at different courts in a huge forest called Tawar Iasbelin – Forest of Autumn
    • most of them never leave the forest in their life
    • time seems to have been stoped / slowed down there because in the very center of the forest it is always fall

    The Sandstorm Elves – Lithalagos:

    • patriarchy
    • worship the sun and flames
    • live in caravans traveling from city to city in a dry land called Aman Lith
    • all elven children born with fire magic are send there to learn how to control their powers
    December 10

    Delarthes 2019 – Map Overhaul

    I am back!

    As you may know, I have been working on this world since I was 12 years old. It’s the world I created for my first Ocs Nelouche and Ann’athiel to write down their story. In 2015 I drew the first version of a map and was super proud of it. Unfortunately after some time and with the pressure of school hitting in the urge to create kinda left me, but I never forgot about Delarthes. It was always in my mind, calming me nicely when I needed to be somewhere else, this year more to an ever. So here’s the new map and I hope you like it.

    August 21

    Hallo Welt, / Hello world,

    Das hier ist mein Blog zu der Welt die ich mir in den letzten Jahren ausgedacht habe und weiter hin tuen werde. Hier werde ich wahrscheinlich in nächster Zeit ein paar Geschichten, Bilder und Beschreibungen zu meiner Welt “Delarthes” posten.  -Nausicaa

    This is my blog about the world I created in the last years and do ongoing work. Here I want to post stories, drawings and descriptions about my world “Delarthes”. Have Fun! -Nausicaa